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06 October 2007

A Man of Many Faces

Kat here...I've taken over Chris' blog for a day. Since I haven't found inspiration to update my own blog in a while I thought perhaps writing under a pseudonym might clear the blogger's block. Plus it's 3 a.m. in Ferny Creek so it'll be a few hours before Chris wakes up and realizes I've stolen his least temporarily.

All boys have their toys, and Chris' favorite toy next to his GT Zaskar might well be his facial hair. Ah yes, those of us who know the man well or follow his blog have seen the many transformations of Winnie's sideburns, mos, and beards. It's not uncommon for the man to take a bathroom break in the middle of the day and reappear sporting a newly-shaved look.

So here's your chance to weigh in...which is your favorite classic Winston look?

#1: The trademark Chops...

#2: the Massive Chops..taking it up a notch

#3: the Mini Chops....1 part sideburns and 1 part K-style chops

#4: The long sideburns

#5: Euro Winston...a classic 'chops to the mo' combo

#6 the Scruffy Beard-off

#7: Mo-vember

#8: USA Winston...must be lucky because it won the girl along with a few podium spots on the US circuit

It was a tough call between the manly mo and the massive chops, but I have to settle in the end on #8...the original Winston in my book.

Keep on bloggin' and shavin' Winston...your fans eagerly await your next move.


T-Bone said...

#5 Euro Winston - 1 Vote

Anonymous said...

#8 USA Winston - 1 Vote

Auntie J.

Mak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mak said...

Number 1 cause I am a chops fan myself

Chris Winn said...

Ha nice one Kat...too good...well looks like the votes will decide this summer eh...!

Anonymous said...

Bring on Mow-vember

Anonymous said...

none, he needs to go a fu manchu

Anonymous said...

well big man i think the NO-vember would have to winn it. had to look hard to find anything!


Anonymous said...

Buggar the chops!
Do an Uncle Pete!!!!!!!

Go the MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!! :)

And I vote #5 (maybe without the mo, just love those sidies)

K_10 said...

Love the post Kat.

Although i think Chris is also preoccupied with his hair style that goes along with the facial hair. Whenever there is a mullet involved i cringe.....

Anonymous said...

#1 for me big fella, Bring back the mullet!!