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19 September 2007

Gimmie Shock Treatment.

Today stank. Yes folks I can tell you all it sucks big time to have to drive your girl to the airport and watch her fly a million miles away. Damn the reliability of the 88' Corolla. Where was the smokey three cylinder beast I had in the past? The last three weeks have been a blast, no doubt about it, some sun, smiles and always good times but I guess Sept. 19th was always looming as a dark day on the calendar with Kat heading back to CO. Hope you have a smooth flight back bub, I miss you.

You know you've made it big when you get half a head in the latest U.S rag MBA..madd..

So here we are, the last week of my off season break and I'm feeling pretty darn good about it. After many biscuits, sushi and pb & j sandwiches consumed I think the body is just about back up to showing a full tank again. Hmm maybe even a little more. Im sure I'll be reminded of that as soon as the road turns upwards and the bib and brace snug a little tighter than normal. Oh yeah, I just landed a first term school gig for 08'. Nice one. The year looks good already. Wading through the new 7 disc, 3 live concerts, 100 song Pearl Jam release, over & out, cw.

PS- Umm anyone out there got a spare Kings Of Leon ticket.....?

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