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07 August 2007

Swiss Cough.

Being sick sucks. Lining up for a virtual World Cup disguised as a Swiss Cup with a ‘you name it he’s there field… (Yes including rainbow stripes)…whilst bringing up yellow chunks on the startline aint a recipe for a red hot day. Still if that is all I have to complain about then life is pretty good at the moment. Plus it was another killer course, short again around 16mins a lap with a pretty perfect mix of grassy open stuff, sweet rooty descents, short steep as hell climbs and one crazy large chute.

So not running on all cylinders the plan was simply to ride solid, consistent and not into the red to make things worse before the VTT starting next weekend. And well, that’s pretty much what I did. Lap times all within 20secs, coming home 64th from over 100 starters. Disappointing for sure but you gotta play the hand you’re dealt at the time. Bring on some rest and then the VTT.

Spied these retro SID lowers in the Hotel de Pro on Peraud’s rig….nice one.

Soup week came to a close...finally...the results were pretty positive on the scales although there is a reason we only kept it for just one week with calls for a pasta and gelato week floating about already. cheers y'all. cw.

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