Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


11 July 2007

Deep Freeze

Well we are into week two of camp here and things are heating up. well on the bike yes, but the dumping off snow up here at stelvio every other day has made things pretty darn fun. Snowball fights both on and off the bike help to distract from the main 26km, 48 hairpin sub 2hr climb to get up here after every ride. Definately a nice way to finish big days on the bike with some very handy roadies. i miss my mtb...! lator cw.


Anonymous said...

Hey Winni,
It's Fricky.
Luck man how good is the area you are in at the moment pure road bike heaven.
Anyway I'm going to be at the worlds mate and wondering if you guys need a hand.
Anyway good to hear that you are still able to ride a bike upright!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Where are you?????????????
The Schick's are missing your updates.

Auntie J.

Mak said...

Hey Winni,
Deep freeze you reckon...should have seen the weather here the last week. Snow all round the Nongs...need some reading material so post something hey!!