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25 June 2007

Made It..

Well I'm sitting here in the stairwell of the AIS house here in Varese, 6am and feeling unusally fresh for this time of the morning. Pretty funny, the blogger program must recognise I'm in Italy cause all the page text is in Italian. Came in yesterday after a pretty good flight really, not to many drama's apart from the extended powernap at Kuala Lumpur airport waking a perfect 25minutes before take-off. Nice one. Plane food seemed to progress from terrible to tolerable as the flight went on, special mention to the biscuits in the orange packet from Amsterdam to Milan.

Still working out the whole time zone and jet lag deal, my 'quick nap' before dinner lasted until midnight, and I've already been up and about here since 5am. Pretty quiet here at the moment with the boys all out and about, Norris arrives back tmw which will be good. Looking forward to hitting the roads today and seeing what the hell is left in the legs after 20+ hours of flight time. For those interested, "Ghost Rider" on the plane and I'd give it 2 stars. Lator, Cw.


TDawg said...

Nice one! Is it just the MTB over there with you ?

Do you head out on the road with slicks on MTB or do you have access to a road bike ?

Interested minds want an insight into the world of rockstars ?

Cooper said...

Im confused, when do you guys train for the time trial? And how many run / swim sessions a week? Hope the new aero helmet is ok...........its cold here mate, and about to rain again all week. Get some sun for me.


Ash Thomas said...

keep them updates coming, we're living a life through you!