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18 June 2007

Long As I Can See The Light.. the tune filling the ears right now on this monday night...bit of CCR gold that I managed to grab from Kat's collection. Anyone who has lets say..Good Charlotte in thier personal collection, send me a pic of you snapping it in half and I'll send you some Creedence to replace me.

So it's been pretty frantic and fun trying to catch up with everyone before I head off again this week, for those who I haven't I'm getting there!

Coops show's us the new pie eating technique developed since I've been away..lid first people..lid first..

Give it up for the Bronco's....a little bit of CO still stays with me..

The big bird in the sky leaves on Sunday and I'm pretty amped to go race my bike again halfway across the world again...except I dont think the Euro's are so big on burrito's...damn. Have to try and educate the boys... So Deer Valley NMBS was raced this weekend and it looked the goods..gotta say I was pretty pissed not being there still in the mix..hmmm pretty addictive this lifestyle...the brain forgets the pain pretty easily I guess. Have fun, cw.

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Monique & Benson's Great Adventures said...

Good luck in Europe! Can't wait for you to come back to the U.S. We need to get the gang back together and raise some hell. I posted pics of Kat for you on the blog.