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01 June 2007

Dear Diary...I Dont Want To Go Home.

It has been an emotional and full on week..and unfortunately the last one here in the US before flying home. So where do I begin? Somewhere I guess is a good start. Last weekend was the second round of the MSC held at AngelFire, down south in New Mexico. Just a wicked place, such a tough and brutal race course at like 8500ft climbing to over 10,000ft...ouch. Technical as all hell too, and the descent was just incredible, super long and rough, definitely needed an arm muscle change at the feed zone. Is that in the UCI rules? So the legs had been feeling pretty decent all week, so when i snapped my chain off the start-line giving the likes of T-Brown, Rad Ross and Jay Henry minutes up the road really sucked. I mean I was like 10m from the startline. But you gotta deal with the cards you are dealt and I rode loose as hell for the next two hours, winning a two-up sprint for 10th place...definitely left me wondering though.

Short track the next day was a whole different ball game for sure. i can only seem to get one decent day at altitude before the legs pack up and leave. I got a decent start in the top ten and then boom...goodbye all body i could hardly hold the bars on the decent. Every so often I would get like 5seconds of good feeling and then just feel like a sack of flour thrown into a lake again. 14th place at the end of the day with the engine lights on full red.

So Colorado has been super kind to me, I truly love this place..and I have been lucky enough to meet an incredible and beautiful girl here in Denver whom in only two weeks have shared so many wonderful moments.

Sadly I had to say a temporary goodbye this week with her flying to Virginia whilst we are down here in Vail before we fly home in two days. It still blows my mind that I have flown halfway around the world and found someone so are incredible Kat.

So the last stop on the train line is here at Vail for the Teva Mountain Games. We came across this morning and what a damn rad event this is. A full festival of mountain based sports, so the whole weekend there is like kayaking, rock climbing, trail running, hill climb, slopestyle freeride events...just sweet as. Met up with the Smith crew today..check out the new Interlock frame design..fully sick, the arms rotate to open up the frame to change the lens out..madd.

Tomorrow the gun goes off at four pm, sick course, and a tough field including JHK and Trek/VW guns Rad Ross and Nick Martin. Oh yeah, apparently some guy by the name of Landis is racing..luckily I packed my dopers suck wristbands...hell yeah. Ok I'm out...lator, cw.


Kathryn said...

Where did you come from?!

Anonymous said...

Landis lol thats awesome...........hes bikin dirty. Awesome results, and some awesome results on the course too!

Be safe and enjoy im off to donna tomorrow for the climb!


Colin Osborn said...

Good luck in Vail! Great racing these past weeks.

Chris Winn said...

hey thanks colin..been heaps of fun here for sure..catch up next season champ..good luck for the rest of this one..

Anonymous said...

well hello. glad to find this blog that everyone is speaking of. had a blast with you guys. i hope to see you and your lady in co in the future. pics from the last couple weeks are being sent to camm soon. peace!

Grover said...

good to see you spanked the pants of that floyd bloke, the podiums keep stacking up.