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07 June 2007

...But Wait There's More!

Yep I'm back home and struggling through the haze that is jetlag right now. Perks of the job I say...and boy does it feel a little odd to be back here in da craving's for Chipoltle Burrito haven't stopped although I can still run PB&J's easily enough. And what type of mountain do I live on again? A small dirt mound I think...actually things are pretty nice around here at the moment. Went driving yesterday and winter has really set in, fog, grey skies and some autumn leaf action still lingering... Needless to say I haven't ridden yet, most likely will be with every jacket I own on but. So Eva showed me the whole Skype thing last nite..definitely a late starter but officially now on the program..especially when I could talk to Kat over breakfast this morning...sigh..

So there is more. Much more than I could ever expected right now. The season hasn't ended for me, getting the call up to head over to Europe and race the VTT (dubbe the 'off road Tour de France') in France with the National Team. Absolutely stoked is probably the smallest way I could describe it..I can't wait... So home here for the next coupla weeks, unpack, wash everything and off again to race my bike around the globe....awesome....lator, cw.


Anonymous said...

Lovestruck! Awesome trip man, me and so many others only had to type in chr........before the web adress opened from checkin your progress morning and night. Could not be more stoked for you big man, ill drop round soon.


Monique said...

Sounds like a hard life. He he! Isn't fricken AWESOME?!?!

Chris Winn said...

im hooked..hell yeah.