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15 May 2007

Rounding Out A Rad Weekend..

Yep I's like Wed and I still haven't updated from the weekend's was a pretty funny day to be honest, mainly cause of the fact they pushed the pro men start time back out to like 6pm. Ouch. So there was a whole lot of emailing and hanging loose going on...and I guess it was nice to have a little bit more recovery time too. With such a late start time it watered down the field somewhat which was good in bettering the chances to pick up some more Arthur Ashe. The boys to watch were Kenda's number one son Miller and Boulder local Alan Obye. So with Pearl Jam's 'Ten' over the speakers on the startline I was pretty damn amped to say the least. Straight of the line the smack was put down to the max and I tried desperately to hang onto the lad but in doing so pretty much put myself in the hurtbox after 6mins or so..boom..I blew so hard I couldn't even feel my arms it was pretty darn of the race I spent in no mans land in the wind and on my Pat Malone trying to latch back onto the chasing group of three..never happened so 6th was the end of the day and still not too shabby I guess. Sometimes when you gamble it doesn't pay off..funny that.

Here's the box shot from the day prior..

Week off racing so time to chill out, step out and hit some more trails..lator cw.


Ash Thomas said...

you, brent and martini on a Norba/nmbs box...! Bet you thought you wouldn't be in a shot like that for a while, pretty damm cool there pal!

Anonymous said...

wearin a white pair of knicks under your black ones I see!