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07 May 2007

Did That Stick Just Move...?

Man it feels pretty sweet to be sitting in a hotel room right now after two weeks of bumping heads on cupboards and drifting of to sleep with the smell of a lubed chain next to me...sure makes you sleep faster. So we flew into Denver this afternoon, potentially a little surly after stepping out in Ontario last night with Miller and his Kenda girls. Oh yeah the racing. Damn, short track was another grinder, especially after trying to back up after the XC slaughterhouse. Felt pretty ordinary on the morning rollout and the block headwind freeway burg wasn't too fun either. The stxc course was pretty gnarly heading up part of the 4X course and then using the last bit of the XC lap with a little dusty chute and some fast turns. What made it even more fun was the block headwind on the long fireroad straights...tasty. Start was carnage plus with a little altercation in the first corner with Wicks getting taken out and put me already behind the big black ball with the number eight on it.

To top it off the one-man-at-a time dh chute bottlenecked big-time so inspired by many hours watching cross, hoiked the ole' Zaskar on the shoulder and tap danced passed a few startled lads waiting in que. Still I was already off the pace and the next 20mins and the three were going to be done Survivor style...and i was hoping not to get voted off the race course by the officials. Diggin' and grovelling, grovelling' and diggin' with pretty ordinary legs I scraped home 25th place which was okay considering over half the field of 62 got pulled.

At the pointy end...

Rad Ross busts big....

So yeah living it large in a hotel in Denver right now after a short flight over earlier in the afternoon. Can't wait to hit the trails up over here. We pick up our new RV tmw so it's back to camperland for this little black duck...lator cw.

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