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11 May 2007

The Air Up There.

Man the week has slipped by pretty darn quick without a post for a few days..but it has been a ripper of a week riding some of the finest trails in the world...just perfect..absolutely perfect. Yesterday we hit up Palmer Park, pretty much in the middle of town this place kicks ass, really cool technical as trails, full rock shelf drops and chutes and some tricky uphill pinches other words a hellva lotta fun and could be pretty consequential if you rag it. But as good as the trails have been the body's has been in struggletown a little dealing with the whole altitude thing, I think it's around 5500ft or so in the Springs here..definitely a new experience. Once again the race number plate will be pinned on this weekend at the first Mountain States Cup at Nathrop. Word on the street is the course is pretty ordinary out there but still i'm sure it's gonna be tough racing.

Today we were lucky enough get an inside tour of the SRAM brake and suspension factory out here in the Springs...pretty cool place to check out where all the magic there were a few hidden gems seen along the way including one of HB's old skool rigs...madd..

Haven't seen this one down at Upwey train station...

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