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21 September 2006

Steppin' Out...

Well its post PE ball morning right now and I feel surprisingly good after a rather large night at some fancy joint in Albert Park....long way from the sticks for this mountain boy...

There was no way I wanted to hit the dress theme of "a day at the races" with what Andy Kent (YAI) would best describe as "simple black, simple black"...or any theme for that matter.. so with some help from the Green (thanks bro) I stepped out full Timmy Rogers (YAI) style in a three piece bone suit and stirred the conservative pot...and somehow managed to walk away with some best dressed male award...not that i really fully comprehended what was happenin at that point of the evenin...but not bad for a lack of shaving and $30 op shop threads..

Anyway enjoy the pics and thanks all who were there for a good nite steppin' out..two days left of classes then onto rounds for the last time...lator, cw..


Kirsten said...

What the hell are you doing up so early? You didn't drink enough last night winn if you can put this up so quick! Am at work now and am S T Ruggling to the max! And to all those who know Chris, us fourth years are very proud of our little winn for always mixin it up and takin out that Best Dressed prize (thanks for the vodka too winn!)

AJ said...

bloody theme hijackers.

The monash eng ball a couple a weeks ago was spring carnival theme. We even one dude in full horse kit ... watching him try necking longnecks thru his snout was pretty funny ;)

Chris Winn said...

Well i'm kinda scared you read my site now!...thanks for a fun nite kc and getting me through this final year ...oh and may i see your ticket please miss!!!

TheKillerAnt said...

best dressed male!
ur one sharp lookin man! (not ghey)
i'd love to win an award like that, but if u have to shop at op-shops to win one...i guess thekillerant will never be in the 'best dressed' circle :(
always a great read winny.

TheKillerAnt said...

what did u win?(prize)
was it the vodka?
what ever happened 2 some cleats of chamois creme as a prize...whats this world coming 2 :)

TheKillerAnt said...

Sooooooo funny, just read something sort of embarrasing but funny @ the same time :)
'Its a matter of opinion'
whats hot
KC from uni (its ok i dont think she reads my site)
Then KC comments on this post, sooooo funny.
Dont worry winny, i've done worse than that with girls, next time i catch u out on the roads ill fill u in :) (still laughing at that though bud, nice)

Chris Winn said...

Ah the pieces fit together...lets just say "Motion City Soundtrack" was on high rotation for the next two days after the to fight another