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02 September 2006

Diggin' the Groove

Hmmm this week has been a great week. Feels like it has been awhile since I have said that to myself, usually there has been a great days out of a hectic week, but lately the foot has seemed to ease of the gas pedal in terms the life demands of getting stuff done and that's great...really great actually...

.....and today was no exception..rollin' with Joel and Ash T out to Modella to kick it as uncover mtbers at yet another handicap road race..and kick it we did... With all of us off scratch things were going pretty damn well the first lap of 2 loops, I was feelin' really good, the bunch was working okay but not ground breaking but as they say, you're only as strong as the weakest second lap the screw needed to be turned, there was no way we were going to bridge the 30min gap to limit, and quite frankly I was getting pretty damn frustrated and bored fluffing about in E2 and the carrot of the 'fastest time' was dangling pretty last hill of the day one of the stronger guys put in a surge and as he was pulling away I hit it to chase with the possibility of getting away with him, but as a drew closer he was already goin' backwards so i thought it was time to get the party started... plus i figured the rest of the lap left was no longer than stxc time! With a solid gap away it was game on, getting across to the next fading bunch was a bonus in getting a little recovery before emptying the tank and redlining it to the finish and securing the fastest time of the day....kinda happy to have finally done something in a road season on the tarmac full of a hellava not much...other than walkin the dogg that is..

Ash T. Powered by...well could be anything in there really...any guesses?

Apologies go out to Ash's other half for keeping him late for a scheduled dinner...Joel didn't seem to mind the hasty drive home however....

Thanks for a good day time tomoro for some singletrackin' with the Green...lator all cw.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff winnie......the training on the 575 must be paying off..err