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05 August 2006

Forty Bucks!

So teaching rounds continue this week. For those of you who may not know I am in my very final semester of a PE teaching degree (also qualified for biology/science). Yep the future generation is in safe hands....yeah right! Apart from sucking time like no other, things have been pretty good going to town on the whistle and trying to keep the youth of the nation in line. Got my Outdoor Ed class watching BMX Bandits the other day...classic stuff...we all know Nicole went on to bigger and better things but wonder what ever happened to Goose?

Hey word up to the smartest guy I know for getting a start at worlds this of luck champ, last one make it count!

Mullet Watch Aug 06'- The neck is a litter warmer this at the front, party at the it should be. Lator, cw.


Anonymous said...

forty bucks for a yeti......?

Chris Winn said...

No for a 'hot' walkie talkie...go watch bmx bandits...!

cammo said...

Whats with that tube shot, is that a ding or what.

Anonymous said...

forty bucks for a walkie can i get one.
who would you have one for sale?
please help i need one NOW!!!