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17 August 2006

Days of the New

As a cross country diehard i never really pictured finding myself sitting on more than just a little bit of squish if any at all. How times change. The trail bike revolution is upon us, and i can see just the hell why it is so damn popular with the kids these days cause the grin just doesn't wear off. Almost 6 inches of travel and the thing still rockets along the trail like nothing else...another level. Hmmm, I guess the 575 is a great example why I love Yeti so much...the product is just that darn good...and I guess that's why they have the reputation they do.

So the train keeps on a rollin', and once again tomoro will be the third time in four weeks the burg dog hits the Calder for some Dingo' lovin'. Can't wait to hit the Castlemaine Enduro this weekend on the new weapon...feel like I'm counting down days till Xmas right now. Speakin' of the beloved vehicle it is still in one piece after a very, very rare inner city drive yesterday (5 hook turns for this mountain boy, a new hi score). Quite a funny day chauffeuring Rowney about cause he is from ye olde Sydney town and my knowledge of Melbourne streets is about as good as my skills with the ladies...all though not as tragic as this guy....

Best of luck for Worlds next week to everyone's favourite boy from the bubble and the smartest guy I know...have a good one Pezzadog...over and out CW

Photo Credit: GV RaceTech.


Ash Thomas said...

Bottom photo of Pez -
(Photo: GVRaceTech)

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like a bit of mate love going on here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

come on winne give us all a full pic of the new toy.

Anonymous said...

i think it be on like donkey kong!