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07 June 2006

The ugly stick but I ain't fishin'...

So I'm getting beaten to a pulp at the moment with the big stick labeled "don't forget you're a uni student' right now...trying to piece together a professional 2 days..there's no doubt my new addiction to coffee has stemmed from this semester, but somehow is here to stay. Busted out the one speed with Eva this morn on the holy grail of trails that is sassa... prime condition she was too, a slick root fest woven through lush ferns, superb stuff that. No case of the traditional 'sassa sting' recorded today, being the lacerations and cuts on the insides of your arms from the over grown plants and ferns along the sides of the days usually bring it on big time, with the sweat factor really turning up the heat and sting...Rob likens it to a mild curry...I'd have to agree! NORBA #2 this weekend people so get excited, teammate Perry will be there waving the turquoise flag... over and out, cw.

Eva pinning it as always...

Canoe or bike, this trail can provide it all!!

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Ben Clark said...

Chris Winn,
Ben Clark likes you.