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05 June 2006

Fun and Games.

Well it was a pretty solid weekend of last, early starts, long days and plenty of chamois time to boot. Took up a guest spot for the Rowney/Eva/Lefmann Cyclinic coaching day on sat which was a heap of fun. It's funny how many little skills you take for granted on a bike..and just how damn hard it can be explaining them to someone cause they are so innate...still, there was no doubt every rider had a ball, challenges were set and goals were achieved. What more could you ask for really?

Go forth and conquer the dirt!

Eva points a prize winner in the right direction...

Sunday was the Dirtriders 6hr Enduro, and armed with a loaner Yeti 575 (thanks Paul!) it was time to rip it up and spice up the base training a little..after all, it is only June people!! What more can I say, enduro racing is the reason I want to become a STXC specialist!! With 52 solo entries there were plenty of willing participants, and it just makes me appreciate just how incredible the solo 24hr guys are..seriously insane... So i had a ball on a close to 6inch travel dually that pedals brilliantly and makes light work of anything in its way..was a nice distraction from the were the red bull cans! Sydney import Lefmann lived up to his number one plate convincingly and piloted his Cannondale hardtail (!) to the win (rumours are circulating already about the fastest man in June..) Surprising to stand on the last spot on the box for thrid so all was good for this clown.. must finish by saying my blog photo skills sucked all weekend, obviously not used to such technology in my pocket, but will make amends... over and out, cw.

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TheKillerAnt said...

Hey winny, great blog, great pics, i especially liked the SRAM road groupo write-up.
Peace, Anthony Peacock